An Application Backend Service
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Accelerate development and
Expand application possibilities
data immediately
Instantly store complex relationships without ever creating a schema.

powerfully... easily
Deeply query your data using a familiar SQL syntax, without managing indexes.
from any language
A pure JSON-over-HTTP Web API.
the application from data
Distribute your application code while maintaining the backend as a service.

"This sounds too good to be true.
After tinkering around with CouchDB and MongoDB what I wanted was something in-between, and this sounds like it."
- forum comment

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SchemafreeSQL is NOT

Who's The Boss?

You, or your data?

We understand how difficult it is to fit an ever-changing application into a typical fixed-schema database.
We understand the yearning to change design to satisfy customer demands, and know the fear of breaking the application which keeps you from doing so.
We understand the outages which an application must endure while the database system processes schema changes across the entirety of the data.
We understand how difficult it is to query and ad-hoc report against NoSQL databases.

Long story short…

SchemafreeSQL is your missing link to Rapid Database Development.

It allows you to dynamically alter your data design directly from your application code, run full-power SFQL queries against your data in real-time, and dramatically speeds up design, development, execution and modification.
Your application can (and probably will) enforce a schema on your data structure, but now it's up to you as to how fixed or flexible, or how flat or hierarchical it will be. And wherever your application leads you, you will always have full-featured, real-time queries at your command.

Show your data who's boss.

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