The Demo will launch your own SFSQL container and MySQL database. A Demo ID,SFSQL API Endpoint, and API Key will be provided, allowing you to immediately start trying out SFSQL from your own environment. Please save the Credentials, there is no other way of obtaining them after your session times out.

Your Demo will stay operational for 2 days and is restricted to 1 request per second and a maximum DB size of 50MB. Data created will persist during the life of the Demo.

The "Payload" content in each Example below is editable.

Clinical Trials: Query
Below are queries performed on the imported Clinical Trials data. All 4 queries are processed by SFSQL in one request.
Please see the inline "_comment" attributes for info on each query.

[ { "query": { "sfsql": "SELECT $s:.BriefTitle ORDER BY $s:.BriefTitle LIMIT 10", "_comment": "First 10 BriefTitles irrespective of parent using a Global search by prefixing with dot" } }, { "query": { "sfsql": "SELECT DISTINCT $s:.LeadSponsor.LeadSponsorName AS 'LeadSponsorName', $s:.LeadSponsor.LeadSponsorClass AS 'LeadSponsorClass' WHERE $s:.LeadSponsor.LeadSponsorName.vci() LIKE 'University%' ORDER BY LeadSponsorClass,LeadSponsorName LIMIT 10", "data-style": "nvp", "data-format": "json", "_comment": "LeadSponsors LIKE 'University%'" } }, { "query": { "sfsql": "SELECT $i:.FullStudy.Rank as 'Rank', $s:.FullStudy.Study.ProtocolSection.IdentificationModule.NCTId as 'NCTId' LIMIT 10", "*data-format": "csv", "*data-style": "colnames", "_comment": "First 10 NCTId's and their Rank" } }, { "query": { "sfsql": "SELECT $s:.FullStudy.Study.ProtocolSection.ArmsInterventionsModule.InterventionList.Intervention.InterventionType as 'InterventionType', COUNT($s:.FullStudy.Study.ProtocolSection.IdentificationModule.NCTId) as 'count' GROUP BY InterventionType ORDER BY count DESC", "data-format": "json", "*data-style": "dataonly", "_comment": "Count of Studies (NCTId's), in DESC Order of count, by InterventionType which is located 6 levels removed from NCTId in the data" } } ]

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