SFSQL Endpoint (leave blank if this is a new demo your launching)
SFSQL API Key (leave blank if this is a new demo your launching)
This Demo will launch a SFSQL Cloud Datastore, SFSQL VM hosted by Fly.io and a SFSQL DB hosted by PlanetScale .

Your Demo endpoint will be available for around 24 hours. Your Data will persist for the life of the demo. Demos are "stopped" every fifteen minutes. We don't get charged for stopped demos thanks to Fly.io scale to zero machines. Stopped machines will wake on demand (around 300 ms start up time) so you may notice a little delay in requests every 15 minutes. After 24 hours your demo will be destroyed along with any data.

Demos currently do not support Delete,Purge, and ShowAttrs commands due to issues with Vitess (Planetscale's clustering system). We are working though this and hope to have these issue resolved.

For a longer lasting trial and full SFSQL API support check out our 30 Day free Trial (no cc card needed). 30 day Free trials may be upgraded to a paid subscription at any time.

If you have a currently active endpoint, either demo, free trial or paid you can enter the endpoint and api key above and click run demo. The Workbenck and object navigator will operate against your SFSQL endpoint.