The SFSQL API is implemented using JSON-over-HTTP Payloads.
It is language-agnostic with no special libraries or drivers to install.
Request Payloads are submitted to SFSQL API Endpoints via HTTP POSTs.

  • JSON
    Use any JSON library/interface supported by your programming language
  • HTTP
    Use any HTTP library/interface supported by your programming language
API Index:
HTTP Connection
  • Method: POST
  • URI: Cloud SFSQL Endpoint
  • Headers:
    • Content-Type: application/json
    • x-sfsql-apikey: YOUR_APIKEY
JSON Request Payloads consist of an array of one or more Commands

A 'modify' command followed by a 'query' Command within the same Request Payload.
(NOTE: below is skeleton structure showing only the command names for clarity).
[ { "modify": ... }, { "query": ... } ]

Additionally, one or more SubCommands may be specified for a Command.

Example of a SubCommand prepended as the first element of array:
A 'modify' Command with the "#append" SubCommand specified on an array of person objects. In this example, 'Ian Redy' is appended to the array.
[ { "modify": { data: { "o:person": [ { "#append": {} }, { "s:firstname": "Ian", "s:lastname": "Redy" } ] } } } ]
Example of a SubCommand included as an object attribute.
A 'modify' Command with the "#update" SubCommand specified on a single person object. In this example the person matching the 'where' clause is updated and we add a middle name.
(#update limits modifications to pre-existing data only).
[ { "modify": { data: { "o:person": { "#update: { "where":"$lastname='Redy' and $firstname='Ian'" }, "s:middlename": "Relly" } } } } ]

See Commands for more detail.
JSON Response Payloads consist of an array of one or more Command Responses

Example Response received after sending a Request which contained a modify Command followed by a query Command.
[ { "cmdname" : "modify", "success" : 1, "_comment" : "add Person object", "result.oid" : "633159", "result.anid" : "532" }, { "cmdname" : "query", "success" : 1, "data" : [ { "oid" : 633159, "firstname" : "Sue", "lastname" : "Smith" } ], "_comment" : "select Person Object" } ]
Reflexive Parameters
  • Example:
    "_comment": "test query"
  • Returned (reflected) back within a Command Response
  • User-created
  • Can be included as Command Parameters
  • Underscore-prefixed
  • Can include parse-delimited variables to return system-generated values:
    "_newPersonOid": "!@result.oid@!"
Payload-scoped Parameters
  • All the qualities of Reflexive Parameters with the addition of being available to all other Commands within the same Request Payload
  • Example definition (within a modify command):
    "__newPersonOid": "!@result.oid@!"
  • Double-underscore-prefixed
  • Example reference (within a query command in same Request Payload:
    "sfsql": "SELECT $s:person.firstName WHERE $o:person.oid()=!@__newPersonOid@!"

See demo for complete syntax within live examples