Install / Getting Started

Our self-hosted release is currently in private beta.To gain access to the private self-hosted beta, create a Public Beta Hosted Account Account and send an email to requesting self-hosted Beta access with your username in the email.
  • MySQL v8.0 or greater
  • Docker v20 or greater
For simplicity, the command examples on this page assume you are running MySQL, SFSQL Daemon, SFSQL CLI and your app code on the same Host (i.e. referred to as the Docker Host).

For more install scenarios and documentation on the full parameter sets please see SFSQL daemon and SFSQL CLI.
SFSQL Daemon - Install and Run
Note: copy any command below (shown in dark boxes) by clicking on the box.
  • MySQL
    • Create an empty database mysql> CREATE DATABASE your_db_name;
    • Create a user with full privileges on that database mysql> CREATE USER 'your_db_user_name'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'your_db_user_password'; mysql> GRANT ALL ON your_db_name.* TO 'your_db_user_name'@'%';
  • Docker
    • Log in To our registry with your SFSQL Account Credentials docker login -u your_registry_username
      Note: You will be prompted for your registry password if you are not yet logged in to the registry.
    • Pull the SFSQL Daemon docker pull
    • Run the SFSQL daemon docker run -d -p --name sfsqld --add-host=host.docker.internal:host-gateway -dbhost host.docker.internal -dbname your_db_name -dbuser your_db_user_name -dbpass your_db_user_password -licensekey your_sfsql_license_key
      Essential Parameters:
      See SFSQL daemon for complete parameter set.
      -dbnameMySQL database name
      -dbuserMySQL username
      -dbpassMySQL password
      -licensekeySFSQL license Key
Access SFSQL API from your code
  • Send SFSQL Payloads using the following connection parameters:

    HTTP method  POST
SFSQL CLI (Optional) - Install and Run
  • Docker
    • Pull the SFSQL CLI docker pull
    • Run the SFSQL CLI
      docker run -it --rm --name sfsql --add-host=host.docker.internal:host-gateway

      See SFSQL CLI for complete parameter set and Usage info.