Get Your SFSQL Cloud API Endpont
run this Safe curl command in a directory
curl -f -O -X POST -H 'x-sfcid: sfc-gbh7m-dPeij' --next -f -O -X POST -H 'x-sfcid: sfc-gbh7m-dPeij' --next -f -O[1-5].json --next -f -O -X POST -H 'x-sfcid: sfc-gbh7m-dPeij' ; cat readme.txt
This curl command will create your Free Cloud SFSQL API endpoint and enable you to immediately start trying out SFSQL directly from the command line.
It will download a credentials file, apikey file, example json files, and a readme file.

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You can also Create a Cloud SFSQL API Endpoint the "old-fashioned" way.